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Linkdump: BIML, BI, Elastisearch-Kibana, SS Interviews, Data protection

BIML Business Markup Language BI – Logi Analytics. Responsive design, Dashboard design Helping your BI Consultant be successful: Vagrant Command line interface: Elastisearch and Kibana Client guide: Downloads: Getting started: Forums: SS Interview Moving … Continue reading

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On the far side of DevOps

Lately I’m feeling like I am on the far side of DevOps. If you consider DevOps to be a bridge under construction over the chasm between business and IT, I am on sitting on the reaching edge of the business … Continue reading

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MS Project hotkeys

Explode/Implode all: Click upper left corner to select all, then ALT-SHFT-Hyphen to implode, or ALT-SHFT-PLUS repeatedly to explode. Bump selected tasks in/out: ALT-SHIFT-Left/Right Arrow. Thanks: and:

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Synchronicity, serendipity, and Server service schedules

Background: For the past year, I have been receiving nightly administrative monitoring messages from our production database. A recent project required a nightly quality check with associated alert. I used a technique similar to the well-proven monitoring messages, and after careful testing … Continue reading

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MES rollout white papers etc

How to Leverage a Two-Tiered ERP Strategy with MES An Emerging Trend: Two-Tiered ERP Strategy 5 Steps to Successfully Deploy IT Systems,d.cGU

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MS Office blog re: UML in Visio

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Open source PPM Project Portfolio Management software

These are the Open Source PPM applications which look the most intriguing to me after a brief search/scan. Project.Net: Projectivity: dotProject: TaskJuggler: (Looks an awful lot like open source MS Project) SugarCRM: (CRM PPM??) Reference:

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