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Gartner magic quarter analyses for BI, Q1 2018

Exploring 2017 Gartner BI Magic Quadrant Results  

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Linkdump: Various learnings: SD, JS. SS/BI/BD

10 books every web developer should read to increase their software IQ Backtracking algorithmic approach: Javascript framework Comparison: Inferno Javascript framework: SQL Server / Business intelligence / Big Data /  Azure Elastic queries: SQL Server internals: … Continue reading

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T-SQL: Trim after newline / carriage return

USE [db_mes_sandbox] GO EXEC [dbo].[usp_CompleteHierarchy3] @pSerial_number = N’110160766′, @pFlag_IncludeCcaComponents = 0, @pFlag_IncludeReplacedParts = 0, @pDebug = 1 GO SELECT product_id ,name ,revision ,description = /* This CASE statement returns the first line of description when it contains the word ‘alternate’. … Continue reading

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save to DB & update DT+DGV, vs Total UI requery from DB

Here’s code for this… save to database + update local datatable + update local datagridview = faster than refreshing UI from database if (lblSerialNumberId.Text != “”) { MesQueries.SRUSheetCreation sru = new MesQueries.SRUSheetCreation(_mq); string serial_number_id = lblSerialNumberId.Text; string change_orders = txtChangeOrders.Text; … Continue reading

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Meltdown and Spectre patches, via SQLServerCentral  

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