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SQL View to produce descriptive one-parameter date ranges

Automatically generated date ranges by name. Year-to-date? Last month? Next month year-to-date? Last fiscal year? Last calendar year? Auto-calculated using a view? Bam.

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MS Project hotkeys

Explode/Implode all: Click upper left corner to select all, then ALT-SHFT-Hyphen to implode, or ALT-SHFT-PLUS repeatedly to explode. Bump selected tasks in/out: ALT-SHIFT-Left/Right Arrow. Thanks: and:

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MS-Word Style Formatting codes and hotkeys

Show/Hide document control codes (CR, space, etc) CTRL-*   (aka CTRL-SHIFT-8) Reveal codes Selected SHFT-F9 All ALT-F9 Goto next field F11 Show Styles / Reveal Formatting SHFT-F1 Edit Bookmark CTRL-SHFT-F5 File / options / Advanced | Show document control – show … Continue reading

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Snow White

We were watching Snow White with the girls. After the “Whistle while you work” scene in which Snow White coordinates the activities of a flurry of forest creatures to clean the Seven Dwarves’ home, our 8-year-old observed, “Snow White was rather … Continue reading

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