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Interesting… report viewer

Bringin back the RDL. It’s been a while!

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MES rollout white papers etc

How to Leverage a Two-Tiered ERP Strategy with MES An Emerging Trend: Two-Tiered ERP Strategy 5 Steps to Successfully Deploy IT Systems,d.cGU

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Change Data Capture pattern

We’re having a problem with ETL between our ERP and MES systems. We use a timestamp-based periodic export. It occasionally skips a record. We have determined this is due to the duration a transaction is open. If an export occurs … Continue reading

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Rule of thumbs

My rule of thumb, when I’m working on projects (also called my rule of keeping both thumbs): When you begin making stupid mistakes on a project, you are done. Take a break. It will wait until you are rested.

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High Availability with SQL Server and Double-Take – the links

In 2008, Steve Warren with TechRepublic created a 3-part blog post with details of how to configure Double-Take software to protect SQL Server. The 3 parts are not mutually linked to each other. Here are links to all three parts: Part … Continue reading

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T-SQL to Determine size of transaction log file

– –SQL SERVER – Find the Size of Database File – Find the Size of Log File –Reference: Pinal Dave ( SELECT DB_NAME(database_id) AS DatabaseName, Name AS Logical_Name, Physical_Name, (size*8)/1024 SizeMB FROM sys.master_files WHERE DB_NAME(database_id) = ‘db_mes’ GO

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Typo of the day

Refactoring a local variable to a stored procedure parameter resulted in this sillyname. From: DECLARE @operator To: @pOoperator Good policy: Never upset the pooperator!

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PDF customization links

Thanks to Google, here are some interesting links on PDF customization:

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