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Bare Butt

We’ve been getting a few old Disney movies lately. Mary Poppins and Pollyanna arrived a few days ago. Pollyanna starts with a scene of a little boy rope-swinging into a bunch of other kids skinnydipping in the local pond.  I … Continue reading

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Slow-growing SQL Server transaction log

Our MES system has a reasonably-sized transaction log; 9GB for a 3GB primary database. This is somewhat larger than normal recommendations (1.5x), but we import large volumes of batch data each morning which increases the number of transactions  and pushes … Continue reading

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O M G. SO, SO helpful to understand how to restructure the LEFT OUTER JOINs in my Common Table Expression (CTE) to instead use User Defined Functions (UDFs) that return Table-Valued Functions (TVFs). Mr. Sheldon’s article brought everything together for me. My CTE … Continue reading

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How to change you car’s filters – +

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