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Some free C# charting components / tools

Free C# Grid/Graph component Best Free Controls for .NET [closed] Which .net charting library should I use? ZedGraph: A flexible charting library for .NET   Thanks to  

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Adventures in repair

I replaced my car’s headlight last night. Why is it harder to replace a car’s headlight than the main drive belt of a washing machine? Unnecessary steps in orange. Car’s headlight: 1. Open hood. 2. Unplug car battery. Attempt to … Continue reading

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Time to see what the other side is doing (moving from windows forms development to web apps)

I’ve been coding winforms for internal use. For the most part, I stick to professional standards, but I am willing to release less-polished applications than if I were selling them. Part of the implication of this is that I don’t … Continue reading

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Replacing SSMS

Phil Factor’s thought-provoking article “Cold Turkey with SSMS” on a way to replace SQL Server Management Studio: I am in a position where it would be NICE to have a replacement for SSMS, but I lack the time and budget to build or buy a … Continue reading

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Remove bold formatting from copied DataGridView column headers

When copying from DataGridView and pasting to Excel, the column headers were bolded. This was undesirable, requiring a manual Paste Special… as Text or Unicode Text every time data was copied. This problem was resolved by adjusting the clipped data’s … Continue reading

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Heads-down data entry into a list

This is a concise, user-friendly way to add intuitive functionality to a form that controls one or more lists of entries. It is optimized for 10-Key operators but will also work for QWERTY-mode users. Drop a Textbox and a Listbox onto the … Continue reading

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Bourbon Street Steak recipes

Going to experiment with some recipes that should bring me close to the Applebee’s Bourbon Street Steak flavor. Looks like various combinations of brown sugar, worchestershire sauce, and ground pepper are the key ingredients. Here, here, and here are the … Continue reading

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Horrible nightmare

Dreamed that my departed father returned for a visit. He was very happy to see us. We had a very pleasant time with him. It was just like he was with us. Then, my daughter came home, but something felt … Continue reading

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