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Working with Enum, Enumerated types, Enums, Enum tips

Whenever I work with Enums I find myself googling for the implementation details (aka, “command syntax”). Handling of Enums have improved in recent years, eliminating a lot of copy-n-paste hardcoding. In particular, it’s easy to get meta-level Enum information in C# / … Continue reading

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I do not like green eggs and cron, I do not like it Sam-I-Am. I become very frustrated when I work on cron-related tasks, particularly on near-production equipment that has no sandbox. And I realize I could invest some time to … Continue reading

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English Stinks part 2

Interesting dialog between my daughter and me: “Look, it’s the letter U. What letter does ‘U’ begin with?” “Y.” “Oh! Yes, the word ‘You’ begins with ‘Y’. Did you know there is another word that sounds like U but begins … Continue reading

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