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Log files and Fail-friendly code

Oh my goodness. Thoughts for the day… Log file-based troubleshooting of deployed applications in limited-access environments has to be one of the most frustrating processes of application development. Magic numbers are EVIL. Lack of default cases is EVIL. Long strands … Continue reading

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On the far side of DevOps

Lately I’m feeling like I am on the far side of DevOps. If you consider DevOps to be a bridge under construction over the chasm between business and IT, I am on sitting on the reaching edge of the business … Continue reading

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Leap day!

Hey, wouldya look at that? It’s leap day!

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Cut & Paste & Keyboards

In the early years of Windows, Cut & Paste was an esoteric feature used by brainy gurus. Today, Cut & Paste has become standard fare used by Grandma and Grandpa. Yet we continue to use the same awkward 2-finger left-handed salute, Ctrl-X / Ctrl-V … Continue reading

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U2 in Atlanta

Before the 4D Summit in Atlanta, I was lucky enough to spontaneously catch a U2 show. (Rock on, Brian and Paul!) During the 4D Summit, my English/Irish friend Lo shared a lovely U2 story. Lo’s sister-in-law lived in Dublin, Ireland. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on U.S. Health Care

I’m coming out of the closet regarding health care. I’m not an expert in health care, other than being a consumer who pays attention. However, I feel some crucial common-sense issues are being ignored. 1. Taking single-payer off the table. … Continue reading

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