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meltdown and spectre patches

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Busy springtime!

Many, many things are keeping me very busy this time of year. Positive things. Very busy.

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Linkdump: BIML, BI, Elastisearch-Kibana, SS Interviews, Data protection

BIML Business Markup Language BI – Logi Analytics. Responsive design, Dashboard design Helping your BI Consultant be successful: Vagrant Command line interface: Elastisearch and Kibana Client guide: Downloads: Getting started: Forums: SS Interview Moving … Continue reading

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General implementation checklist

A group that shall remain unnamed at my organization has really borked some recent implementations.  My thoughts on a general implementation checklist they could have considered to radically improve execution: Realize and prioritize with sponsor input. Educate stakeholders if they … Continue reading

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Gartner magic quarter analyses for BI, Q1 2018

Exploring 2017 Gartner BI Magic Quadrant Results  

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Linkdump: Various learnings: SD, JS. SS/BI/BD

10 books every web developer should read to increase their software IQ Backtracking algorithmic approach: Javascript framework Comparison: Inferno Javascript framework: SQL Server / Business intelligence / Big Data /  Azure Elastic queries: SQL Server internals: … Continue reading

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T-SQL: Trim after newline / carriage return

USE [db_mes_sandbox] GO EXEC [dbo].[usp_CompleteHierarchy3] @pSerial_number = N’110160766′, @pFlag_IncludeCcaComponents = 0, @pFlag_IncludeReplacedParts = 0, @pDebug = 1 GO SELECT product_id ,name ,revision ,description = /* This CASE statement returns the first line of description when it contains the word ‘alternate’. … Continue reading

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save to DB & update DT+DGV, vs Total UI requery from DB

Here’s code for this… save to database + update local datatable + update local datagridview = faster than refreshing UI from database if (lblSerialNumberId.Text != “”) { MesQueries.SRUSheetCreation sru = new MesQueries.SRUSheetCreation(_mq); string serial_number_id = lblSerialNumberId.Text; string change_orders = txtChangeOrders.Text; … Continue reading

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Meltdown and Spectre patches, via SQLServerCentral  

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SQL Server diagnostics notes

This week’s amusement: performance of a recently-implemented Stored Procedure dropped and dropped to intolerable levels. This system cannot be easily upgraded. Significant fragmentation is involved. Memory pressure is involved. Inserts to table variables in multiple stored procs are involved. This … Continue reading

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